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Financial Planning

Financial Planner Surrey

Financial planning is more than a set of tactics. Financial planning is a process that determines how you can best meet your life goals through the proper management of your financial affairs.

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”

Studies confirm people who have written goals and plans have a much greater degree of success. Having a written financial plan is not only important; it’s essential!

” I have been asked many times what in my opinion is the most important ingredient to financial success? Without hesitation or doubt, I always reply; A written financial plan”. Einar Lisborg,

FREE written Financial Plan

In keeping with our philosophy of providing leading edge financial services – NO FEES – we offer FREE written financial Plans – NO FEE or obligation.

The key to effective financial planning is the ability to take into account all relevant aspects of your financial situation (“the big picture”), and to identify and analyze the interrelationships among sometimes conflicting objectives. This unique integration of knowledge and skills across a broad range of topics distinguishes professional financial planning from other related financial advice. This requires the skills of a competent and ethical Financial Planner.

 Looking At The Big Picture

A financial planner is more than an investment advisor, more than an accountant or debt counselor. So how can you distinguish a competent and ethical financial planner? What is your due diligence to ensure you are hiring a professional planner who will act in your best interests?

Finding The Right Financial Planner

Whether you are already working with a financial planner or you are looking to hire one, the resources in this section will help you to evaluate whether a specific financial planner is someone who you can trust and work with to attain your goals.